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Chalk Transfer Product Details and Instructions

It is our hope that you’ll find many ways to use our products to beautify your space.

So simple my kids and I get to do it together

Tanya Fisher {Founding Designer}

Not only have the chalk transfers beautified my home but they have uncluttered my home! No longer do I need to store a sign for every occasion for the 11 months I don't need it. An uncluttered house is a beautiful house!

Kapri Roberts {Found Designer}
Chalk Transfer

The Chalk Transfer is a reusable adhesive silkscreen that can be used on chalkboards, windows, mirrors, tile, whiteboards, appliances, painted furniture and so much more.

Chalkology Paste

Chalkology Paste is a water soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard and washes off of nonporous surfaces with water. It is used on our Chalk Transfers to give a beautiful, unique design each time. Once it is dry it will not smear or smudge and has a durable yet smooth texture/finish. It can be layered, glittered (while it’s wet) and even written on (once it is dry).

Prepare Transfer

Before peeling the design from the backer for the very first time use a blow dryer and warm up the back of the transfer. This only needs to be done the first use and will help ensure that no damage will be caused to the transfer as it is peeled away from the backer. (This step is needed because of the high intensity of the adhesive which will relax over time and with each use.)

Some Chalk Transfers require you to cut the design down into its individual parts. We also suggest putting an X on the backer before peeling the transfer off. This will help you remember to put the transfer on the shiny side when replacing it on the backer.


Peel the backing off the Chalk Transfer and place on desired surface. Press and smooth the Chalk Transfer. Apply the Chalkology Paste by spreading it over the entire design using a Chalk Couture Squeegee. Once the design is covered, scrape off all the excess Chalkology Paste and put it back in the jar. A thin, even layer produces the best results.Work quickly, you do not want the paste to dry on the Chalk Transfer.  If you feel that it is drying too quickly you can give it a light misting with a spray bottle.  Do not get it too wet.  After scraping, peel the Chalk Transfer away while paste is still wet to reveal the design. *Gasp! It looks fantastic! (If it doesn’t in fact look fantastic here are a few tips to help: After scraping, peel transfer away from surface slowly. If you have an area that didn’t apply well press that portion of the transfer back down, squeegee over the area or dampen your finger and rub the area to better spread the Chalkology Paste.

If reusing immediately, press onto a new location with a slightly damp cloth.


To clean, rinse Chalk Transfer with water and then wipe both sides clean with sanitizing wipes. this removes any chalk residue and helps the adhesive last longer. Lay Chalk Transfer flat (sticky side up) to air dry. Once dry, place the backers’ shiny side to the sticky side of the Transfer.  It is easiest to leave the transfer as is (sticky side up) on a flat surface and line up the backer to the transfer. Use a clean and dry Chalk Couture Squeegee to smooth out the Chalk Transfer on the backer.

If you want to reuse the Chalk Transfer right away and don’t have time to wait for the drying process, use a blow dryer on low to dry both sides.

Possible Surfaces

While Chalkology Paste is specially formulated to use on our porcelain steel chalkboards, it can be used on a large number of surfaces. There are also a number of different materials on the market being sold and used as chalkboard. If the chalkboard is a slick type material it will need to be prepped with our Paste Wax before applying Chalkology Paste to it. Along with some chalkboard surfaces, Paste Wax can be used to prep a surface that Chalkology Paste may not initially adhere to. Use a paper towel or lint free cloth to rub the wax over desired surface where you’ll be applying Chalkology Paste, then use a clean part of cloth to buff the paste wax off. “Wax on, wax off!” You only need a very thin layer. It’s best to wax the surface and allow to cure 24 hours before applying Chalkology Paste.

When applying Chalk Transfers to windows, mirrors or glass for the very first use you will need to get some fuzz on the adhesive. This can be done by sticking it to a dry terrycloth washcloth or towel, your shirt or pant leg a couple of times. This will help ensure the Chalk Transfer doesn’t permanently attach to the surface and tear when removed. This step is only necessary the first few times the Chalk Transfer is used on that surface.

Endless Possiblilities

The creative possibilities with Chalk Paste are endless! Here are a few more tips and tricks if you really want to dive in.

Glitter! After peeling away the Chalk Transfer you can add glitter to Chalkology Paste while it is still wet. Any craft store glitter will do the trick but we suggest fine glitter. Remember to use the hose of your vacuum for any clean up. When you’re ready to clean off the design we suggest using a microfiber cloth.  As always when cleaning up Chalkology Paste we suggest spraying it with water and letting it sit for a few minutes prior to wiping with a wet cloth.  This softens the Paste and makes cleanup quick and easy.

Layering…ooh la la! Add dimension to your design by layering. You’ll want to do so carefully but when done right the wow factor is just so fun! You’ll need to get out your blow dryer again for this part. After you have completed the first part of the design you’ll need to blow dry the chalk paste before applying another Chalk Transfer. Be sure the Transfer you are using is completely dry.  Place the transfer where desired, press design down well making sure it is sealed around the edges.  Quickly apply Chalkology Paste.  Do not overwork.  Quick and easy is the way to go.  If it gets overworked it softens the dried paste below and it may not come out quite as well as you were hoping.

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