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Create Beautiful Blended Fall Leaves

Delicious apple cider. Orange pumpkins. Crisp Autumn air. Colorful Fall Leaves. If you love fall, there’s nothing like the sound of leaves crinkling and breaking underneath your shoes. It’s a sound and a feeling people never grow tired of, no matter how many times they’ve heard or felt it. In fact, fall-lovers young and old are often seen walking through a cluster of leaves doing their best to crunch as many as possible. It’s one of the best fall-time activities there is!

Do you want your Fall Leaves Chalk Transfer to turn out as beautiful as the fall leaves outside? Then you will definitely want to try this technique to blend Chalkology Paste.

These leaves are gorgeous and I can't wait to pair them with our Fall sayings...Yay for fall! My most favorite time of the year.

Brenda Durrant {Founding Designer}
How to Create Colorful Fall Leaves


  • Mustard Yellow {Chalkology Paste}
  • Brick Red {Chalkology Paste}
  • Custard Yellow {Chalkology Paste}
  • Moss Green {Chalkology Paste}
  • Fall Leaves {Chalk Transfer}
  • Chalk Couture Squeegee
  • Q-tips

First, press the Fall Leaves {Chalk Transfer} on to your surface you plan to decorate. Then using a Q-tip, apply small amounts of different autumn-colored Chalkology Paste on top of the Chalk Transfer design. When you are satisfied with the variety of colors you have applied, use your Chalk Couture Squeegee to press and smear the colors in to the design. Quickly peel off the Chalk Transfer to reveal your unique leaf.